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Usher in a modern Gold Rush for Online Business?

In four short years after gold was discovered by John Sutter and James Marshal, in 1848, over 300,000 people would risk life and fortune to stake their claim on the estimated $2,000,000 in gold. Located along the banks of the American River, outside Coloma, California was a rough stretch of earth where makeshift towns sprang up overnight.

And, although many did not get wealthy, their presence had a great impact on California changing its demographics. People from all over America and the world would call this place home and the Gold Rush was credited as hastening statehood for California in 1850.


Fast forward 170 years and a handful of technology companies out west are ushering in a new rush for voice activated interaction with billions of mobile devices around the world. This search technology allows people to search for everything from music, to search, to directions hands free. This voice search technology and the growing demand by consumers will change the search is served up to consumers by the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

This is important to anyone large and small trying to conduct business online, because if your website is not properly voicified or voice search compliant then you will miss out on future business. How will early adopters to voicify your website benefit over those businesses who wait? Follow me out west and I’ll show you.

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Like the folks flooding the foothills of the Sierra Nevada’s in the mid 1800’s looking for their share of the new-found gold, it requires proper tools and claims and security to operate in this voice search gold rush. This new voice search paradigm is going to require all businesses to build in voice search optimization that works with the big companies’ search algorithms.

In the early years of search, businesses tried to understand how they could gain access to the top pages of Google, Bing, and Ask Jeeves. With much trial and error the solution was to format the content with certain key words that the search bots understood as high search words and relevant to customers desires and “BAM” the search engine optimization or SEO business was born (it’s a bit more involved than that, but this is supposed to be easy reading).




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Major platforms are ready for Voice Search

The art of SEO creation has evolved from the early days and VOICE SEO is the latest transformation. A few years ago, video and video SEO was born. Google and Facebook found that customers no longer wanted to read content and pictures were not enough to convey the information people wanted, so video took the lead in how the big tech firms’ choice to deliver content to their customers. So, businesses large and small were told to get video now of die. Once video started appearing in mass the SEO guys started selling Video SEO to their clients.

To get a jump on the competition and claim your share of voice customers it is important to start working on your website now. The earlier you get in the more traffic will flow your way. It is estimated that 50% of all search will be voice activated by 2020 and it will continue to push out traditional search every year after that.

Get Better Results with Voice Search


Steps to improve your Voice ranking

If you really want to compete for the coming gold rush in voice search then our recommendation is to find an expert who can assist you in optimizing your web presence for the voice future. During the California gold rush and the Alaska gold rush seasoned prospectors would hire themselves out to new folks and make sure they found a workable claim, purchased the right equipment, showed them what to look for in the river or stream.

BL Digital is among the first companies to recognize and position clients to take advantage of their Voice Search SEO tool. Any company can contact BL Digital and request a free analysis of their website at

The following are a few items affect voice search

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Site Structure and Content

Benu Aggarwal recently discussed voice search content development at an SMX Advanced, explaining three main content types that work well for voice search optimization:

• Informational intent (guides, how-to’s, etc.)
• Navigational intent (store locations, services, press releases, customer service info)
• Transactional intent (videos, product information, comparisons, product stories) • Aggarwal’s strategy suggests integrating FAQ pages into every major section of your site.

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Voicify your keywords

This is a matter of typing versus speaking. When you look for keyword phrases that customers will use be sure and think about how they will say the words.

Data optimization for Voice

Make your search words as relevant as possible

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Make sure you are Mobile Friendly

Most voice search happens on the phone.

Improve your speed

The speed of your site effects the customer journey and can cause a higher bounce rate when not optimized.

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